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Ben 10 Protector of Earth

There are two reasons you’ve landed on this article. Either, you’re a die-hard fan of Ben 10 Protector of Earth apk, or someone you like loves this amazing cartoon. Download this apk or online game free Emuparadise and cheats as well.

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How To Play Ben 10 Protector of Earth

Well, if it’s your kid, likely, he or she won’t let you get away easily without getting the game.


If your little one is giving you a hard time and you wish to equip yourself with information about this character, you’ve come to the right place. Before finally deciding to get this for your kids PSP, let’s take a look at what the fuss is all about, and the question you might be wondering, is Ben 10 really that heroic? Let’s find out!

Before we move on, this section is for people who’re fairly new to this game or the character. Ben 10 protector of Earth is based on a very popular cartoon series, channeled on Cartoon Network. 

The plot of the series revolves around the main character, Ben Tennyson, who discovers a device called the Omnitrix, which, when activated makes Ben turns into something mystical. Not only that, but he has the ability to change himself physically into ten different creatures with different superpowers. 

With these in hand, he aims to solve problems and get the bad guys once and for all! A catch is, the watch can only make Ben magical until it doesn’t require a recharge. Once it gets red, Ben shifts back to being himself.

The Actual Game: Ben 10 Protector of Earth

However, if we talk about this game, Ben 10 Protector of the Earth only allows Ben to transform into five superheroes. Although this might upset some extreme fans of the game, it is sufficient for kids who’re just starting and love the action!

Sarcastically speaking, they should have named the game “Ben 5”. Jokes aside, the five aliens, your character can transform into are Forearms, Cannonbolt, XLR8, HeatBlast, and WildVine. Each character comes with some special moves, abilities, and skills which Ben can use before the time expires and he converts back to his normal self, Ben. 

The gameplay is nothing extraordinary, you might have played many scrolling beat-em-ups, and with no surprise after playing this game for an hour, you might think you have pretty much had enough of it. 

To steer the game to win, you only have to push the buttons quickly, and all the evil enemies are already down. Unfortunately, Ben 10 is only aware of the block, hard and soft attacks in this game. 

While the game is easy, when you push the buttons in a different order and come up with combos to get to the next stage of the game, you won’t even bother to give any extra brains to this game. However, aliens do possess some special powers according to their nature, such as HeatBlast can fight even in flames while the rest of the game can be just moved forward with the square button. 

You must be thinking we have left no chance of being biased and knocked the game right off the table, to be clear and honest the game’s graphics are amazing, and that might be the only one good thing among few here. The other impressive thing is the range of enemies that comes in the play after a clear introduction. 


Whether your kid loves Ben 10 or you want to gift your kid something amazing to bond with, this is it. Ben 10 is the perfect thing you could want your pre-teen or teenager to have and enjoy while learning the right things! 

And, don’t you worry about the technicalities of the game. Kids love a go at anything and everything that excites them. And, well, this game is all about that. Amazing characters, interesting storylines, catchy decisions, and more!

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