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Almost all of the kids love Ben 10, so we have collected best different games. We have a large collection of racing, puzzle and arcade games for free. There are a lot of things you enjoy while playing the Ben 10 games. If you want to be a superhero, it is the right time to fight crime. The new and astonishing games won`t let you get bored.

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This is the best website to play online games with Ben 10. We are provided each and every game of Ben Ten for free. Benten is cartoon series which created by Cartoon Network TV Channel. This is the story of a young boy Ben Tennyson, who finds an alien hand watch (Omnitrix) which allow him to transform himself into ten different alien monsters. Do you know about the famous Ben 10? If not, then just cheer up! It’s time to have fun with Ben 10.

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The fun does not end here until unless the die-hard fans are not transformed into aliens. You can utilize alien’s powers to defend yourself from enemies. So, chill out and experience the large collection games by Ben 10. The best thing about the online games is that kids can enjoy it online for free. These games are really fun for entire family. Kids of every age and even adults can play games of their choice.

All of the games are developed by Unity 3D, Shockwave, Flash, HTML5, and WebGL. So, discover the new add latest collection of free amazing games. Even PC games are enjoyed through the browser. Our website strives hard to provide an exceptional gaming experience to kids.

Ben 10 is a famous American cartoon series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The story whirled around a boy named Ben Tennyson who found an alien’s device seems like a watch. The wearer of the watch gets the ability to turn into ten types of aliens. Later on, a lot of video games are developed using the Ben 10 cartoon series. We have developed Ben 10 games and each of these game has a different specialty.


What is Ben 10?

Ben 10 is an animated series. The story revolves around a boy, names Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, commonly known as Ben 10. It is a boy Ben Tennyson, who has a watch, more like an alien gadget, named as Omnitrix. It lets him transform into an alien and have the power of 10 different aliens. 

What is the order of the Ben 10 series?

If you are a new Ben10 fan and want to know the order of Ben 10 series, here is the order of the Ben 10 series. The Ben 10 series are 4 in total.

What is the real name of Ben 10?

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson is the real name, of who we know as Ben 10. He is the main and the leading character of the whole Ben 10 franchise.

Which is the best Ben 10 series?

Ben 10 has been a popular animated series among the children as well as an adult. It has multiple series, while the original Ben 10 stays on the top of the list. The original Ben 10 is liked about 48% more than the other Ben 10 series.

Who created the Omnitrix?

Omnitrix is the watch-like gadget, that Ben 10 has. Omnitrix was created by Azmuth, a wise Galvin. This gadget was created to know the creatures of Eart better and not for the destruction of the life of other planets.

Who created Ben 10 watch?

The Ben 10 watch which is also known as Omnitrix, was created by Azmuth. One of the reasons to create this watch-like alien gadget was to understand the life of humans and life on other planets. This was created by wise Galvin, an alien, whose purpose to create this gadget was not destruction, but to spread peace and to know more about humans and their life.

How many seasons of Ben 10 Omniverse are there?

There are total eighty episodes in Omniverse series. The division of these eighty episodes is that all these 80 episodes contain 8 stories. This means each story consists of 10 episodes. The stories from 1-4 were aired by cartoon network in 2010, as the first part of the season. While the other 5-8 stories were aired in 2013, as the second part of the season.

How many aliens are there in BEN 10?

Ben 10 having the watch-like a gadget, Omnitrix, makes him transform into 10 different aliens. Whereas all these aliens are not a cause of destruction, but the extraterrestrial superpowers of them help Ben 10 to eliminate the bad and destructive elements.

How fast can xlr8 run?

Xlr8 has the superpower of speed. It can run with the speed of more than 500 miles per hour in just 2 seconds. And this implies that, if it keeps going for a minute or more, it can move faster than the speed of light.

How many aliens are in Omnitrix?

There are 10 aliens in total in Omnitrix. All these aliens in Omnitirx have a superpower different than the other, to help make the world better.

What were the original Ben 10 aliens?

There were 10 aliens in the Ben 10 original. The names of these aliens are as follows.

While all 10 of the aliens have distinct superpowers.

How many different Ben 10 series are there?

The series of Ben 10 are as follows.

How many seasons of Ben 10 are there?

There are 4 seasons of Ben 10. All 4 of these are listed below.

How many episodes are in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ultimate Alien season is the third series from the franchise. There is a total of 52 episodes in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

What was the first Ben 10?

Ben 10 is the American television series. It was first aired in 2005 and it is produced by Cartoon network.

It is the story of a kid, Ben Tennyson, who has an alien gadget. This alien gadget has 10 different alien superpowers.

Who is the creator of Ben 10?

Man of Action studios created Ben 10. It was produced by Cartoon Network and was first aired in 2005.

How many episodes are there in Ben 10 alien force?

Alien force is another series of Ben 10 Classic. Alien force consists of a total of forty-six episodes.

How many episodes are there in Ben 10 Season 1?

The season one of Ben 10 has a total forty-nine episodes. These episodes were aired of Cartoon Network.

If you want to know more about his character, go to Wikipedia here